Dinner With Yuge Bromley & West Village

On the 17th of June, it was a truly enjoyable dining experience with world renowned artist, Yuge Bromley and West Village at Brisbane’s new global neighbourhood. Refined, cultured and simply oozing with character. These are just some of the many ways to describe one of Brisbane’s newest premier lifestyle and residential destination. With a distinctive collection of apartments and townhouses, along with a bustling retail hub, West Village is set to become the beating heart of Brisbane.

Dining on the set of The Bromley Room exhibition was a truly unique experience. It’s an event space like no other when you’re simply surrounded by the incredible works of Archibald Prize finalist, David Bromley. While your palate is taken on a journey by Caxton St Catering and their beautifully plated 3-course meal, you’ll notice that your eyes can’t help by wander as you strive to understand the meaning behind every piece on display.

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