G-Dragon 2017 World Tour ACT III, M.O.T.T.E (Moment of Truth The End)

G-DRAGON, leader of the hottest Korean band BIGBANG was back on tour with an indescribable performance at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on 8th August. This was his second solo tour and first time in Brisbane. WOW WOW WOW!

BIGBANG’s frontman G-Dragon Kpop spectacle turned Brisbane Entertainment Centre into a non-stop 2-hour performance. Staged with one of the best audio vision, lighting and technical productions, fireworks and more fireworks, amazing dancers, crazy aerial performers, fans caught up in moments of laughter and sadness, you can understand why this concert was worth it!

G-Dragon took us on a journey presenting Act III of his life, the 30 year old Kwon Ji-Yong, the third stage of his career. As a solo artist, G-Dragon showed us a glimpse of himself, past things he missed out on, forgotten memories, loneliness and anguish hidden behind the glamourous life and his rise to fame.

G-Dragon left a few words for his fans before his last song……..

Unfortunately the show is almost over. I am not sure when I can come back. I will I will I promise you. Thank you for coming today for all the support and showing love. Thank you.

My last song is about life for everyone, for people. We are like sometimes life is like a movie, the Truman show. I feel like it’s really hard to say but just maybe if I sing that song you can feel it.

This could possibly be the first and last show about Kwon Ji-Yong. A humble and truly  amazing artist at heart who has dedicated his time and focus on G-Dragon’s success.

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